60 min 75 min 90 min 120 min
25,000yen 30,000yen 35,000yen 45,000yen
You can get discount by telling “I saw Tokyo Erotic Guide” for ¥3,000 OFF!
A lineup of temporary dispatch employees dressed as office ladies who want to be sexually harassed!
All I do is copying and tea ceremony, but my real work starts after I punch my time card…
I cannot show what I do at such a place to the people I work with!
MAX lustfulness from the moment we meet
Neat female employees who change into lustful women the moment you meet them!!

Request to customers
In our shop, the use of those who fall under any of the following, or those who judged that our shop or girl falls under the following is strictly prohibited. Refunds for service interruptions due to the following reasons will not be accepted.
In addition, we will claim compensation for damages caused by applicable items. If it is malicious, we will report it to the police station in charge.
1 “Fingering” is a basic play, but the inside of the vagina is a very delicate part, so be careful not to bleed if you make it intense. Please cut your nails short before service. Thank you for your understanding.
If any of the above applies, the service will be interrupted and no refund will be given.
If there is an act that touches the criminal law, we will notify the police in charge and refuse any use in the future.

2. If the compulsory performance or act itself is detected, play will be interrupted immediately and a treatment fee will be charged.

3 Those who are photographed, recorded, and wiretapped with devices such as cameras and recorders.

4 Exchange of contacts and invitation of outside date, ambush, stalking.
(If a criminal act is discovered, please forgive that you are not prepared to file a claim for damages through the third party period after contacting the police station in charge.)

5. If a scout act is detected, we will claim compensation for actual damage.
(We will take the customer's photo and take appropriate action)

6 Acts that girls dislike (not taking showers, words, threats, violence, etc.)

7 Drug use and possession

8. Those who have been diagnosed with or suspected of having a sexually transmitted disease.

9 Those who are determined to be drunk or drunk

10 If you are using multiple people.

11 Use and bring your own play equipment.

12 Those under 18 years old (including high school students).


Coming soon...

遠藤ゆり (26)
T159 B87 (D) W56 H85

北野しの (23)
T155 B92 (F) W58 H87

川上かなこ (25)
T153 B87 (E) W58 H86

望月れな (25)
T153 B87 (D) W58 H85

赤沢りほ (27)
T150 B84 (C) W56 H85

小池あやか (26)
T163 B87 (D) W57 H86

加藤ゆうり (26)
T157 B87 (E) W59 H85

渡辺あみ (35)
T153 B85 (C) W55 H86

中元えりか (24)
T157 B83 (C) W56 H83

坂本ゆりな (27)
T164 B84 (D) W56 H83

藤井あお (33)
T161 B87 (D) W58 H89

国永いぶき (29)
T162 B98 (G) W58 H89

佐藤じゅんな (24)
T156 B82 (B) W56 H86

石川ひかる (26)
T156 B85 (E) W56 H84

東原さくら (26)
T166 B94 (F) W57 H89

夏目みりあ (28)
T155 B84 (D) W58 H87

安藤みなと (28)
T148 B91 (F) W58 H88

菅原みなみ (22)
T168 B84 (D) W57 H88

井上さや (23)
T155 B83 (C) W57 H84

永井しのぶ (36)
T152 B85 (D) W56 H84

千葉くみこ (24)
T161 B85 (D) W57 H86

田上ゆうき (37)
T153 B83 (C) W56 H84

杉田あきな (23)
T157 B87 (E) W58 H85

前田るり (24)
T167 B84 (C) W59 H87

上野みいな (24)
T155 B83 (C) W56 H84

本間いちか (29)
T160 B88 (F) W57 H85

川口もえ (34)
T156 B82 (B) W56 H82

森本さつき (24)
T165 B85 (D) W57 H86

今野ちひろ (30)
T163 B83 (C) W57 H84

愛波れい (25)
T152 B83 (C) W57 H85

朝比奈しおり (26)
T155 B83 (C) W56 H82

松本よしの (25)
T153 B83 (C) W58 H81

斉藤ちあき (25)
T153 B84 (C) W58 H85

佐伯るか (24)
T153 B93 (F) W59 H84

小川のどか (26)
T158 B85 (C) W58 H83

山口けい (24)
T148 B82 (B) W56 H84

桐島りん (26)
T162 B87 (F) W57 H86

本田こゆき (26)
T155 B82 (C) W57 H80

大沢みやび (27)
T162 B95 (F) W59 H88

高橋このみ (26)
T151 B87 (D) W56 H85

高木もな (24)
T154 B87 (E) W57 H84

西尾ようこ (26)
T161 B87 (E) W57 H85

神田すず (23)
T160 B82 (B) W56 H80

土屋まい (25)
T160 B85 (C) W58 H83

山下じゅり (26)
T157 B83 (B) W56 H85

桜井あゆみ (28)
T154 B84 (C) W56 H82

片山よしこ (30)
T161 B85 (C) W58 H87

長瀬かなん (26)
T148 B87 (E) W56 H85

佐藤しずか (25)
T153 B82 (B) W56 H84

植田みかん (28)
T157 B83 (B) W58 H85

山本あい (25)
T157 B86 (D) W58 H87

時東りんね (25)
T158 B93 (F) W59 H88

吹雪まふゆ (24)
T163 B82 (C) W56 H81

大塚ゆうこ (28)
T152 B84 (C) W57 H83

加藤えみり (20)
T160 B89 (F) W58 H90

水野あんず (22)
T158 B93 (E) W59 H88

福山ゆりこ (24)
T161 B86 (D) W58 H87

村上きき (30)
T156 B84 (B) W58 H89

中村さとみ (19)
T158 B96 (G) W59 H89

一ノ瀬はんな (22)
T166 B82 (B) W57 H85

水樹まこ (25)
T164 B83 (C) W57 H84

森崎まお (34)
T154 B86 (D) W56 H83

二宮ななせ (24)
T170 B87 (E) W59 H88

清水あこ (23)
T158 B86 (D) W57 H84

椎名きり (26)
T160 B83 (B) W56 H80

佐倉まな (20)
T148 B83 (D) W57 H85

佐々木えり (27)
T163 B98 (F) W59 H88

黒川ちえ (26)
T157 B82 (B) W57 H83

伊藤もゆ (26)
T145 B82 (C) W56 H81